Current Issue

No 4 (6) (2019)
Published: 2019-12-31

Fundamental provisions of economic theory

Global problems of modernity and strategic balance in the world

Applied economics

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This journal provides platform for the researchers, innovators, scholars to share their research in the field of Social Sciences & Humanities: Economics, Political science, Sociology, Philosophy and related disciplines. Academic and research publications reflect the views of authors on a variety of economic, political, social and cultural issues.

 The relevance of this journal is determined by a growing interest in interdisciplinary researches, current humanitarian challenges facing Russia and the world as the whole. 

The main goal of the editorial team is to study the effective political, economic, legal and other preconditions for changes in society.

The name of the journal symbolizes reliability and fundamental nature of scientific researches, their significance in the development of society. It is our hope that in the same way that the fortress founded in 1663 gave rise to Penza, our journal is meant to be the basis of cultural and scientific renaissance.