Influence of the democratic factor on the problem of urbanization in China

  • Людмила Геннадьевна Котова ФГБОУ ВО "Пензенский государственный университет"
Ключевые слова: Keywords: demography; demographic process; economic modernization; urbanization, migration, social stratification; ecological situation.



This article discusses the features of one of the most important processes taking place in each state, namely the process of urbanization in China. A feature of this process in China is the fact that for most of its historical development it remained a country with a predominantly peasant system. Significant changes occurred only in the fifties and sixties of the XX century, the prerequisite of which was the intensive development of industrial production, which, in turn, contributed to the active migration of the population from the village to the city. China's government pursued an active policy in order to control the demographic situation in the country and in some of its regions. The urban population increased due to internal migration. Favorable conditions were created for attracting workers from different places of the country. Moreover, entire settlements expanded; subsequently they received the status of a city. However, this process was reversed due to the Cultural Revolution in the late sixties. The emergence of the food problem hindering the development of urbanization, has led to an outflow of people back to the rural area. New positive changes began in the late seventies, when favorable conditions were created in China to attract foreign direct investment, which led to an increase in the urban population. The current stage of urbanization is characterized by the need to develop small and medium-sized cities because large cities are not able to accommodate a huge number of people.

It identified the main issues arising from the rapid development of urbanization. Based on the study, the pros and cons of the rapid development of urbanization due to an increase in population and a constant flow of migrants to large cities were detected.


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