• Галина Николаевна Тугускина Penza state university
Keywords: professional competence; key competence; organization competence


The article discusses the formation of a system of competencies, due to the adoption of new professional standards. The relationship between the concepts of competence and competence is analyzed. It is concluded that the concept of competence is close enough in its meaning to the concept of competence, however, it is broader. The types of competencies (key, basic, active, basic, communication) and competences (functional, situational, intellectual and social) are considered, their characteristics are given.

The stages of the formation of a model of professional competence of staff are justified. The structure of professional competencies in Russia and abroad is compared. Criteria characterizing key competence (importance for consumers, cooperation, possibility of improvement, uniqueness), its properties (complexity, not subject to wear, cannot be copied or used by competitors or replaced by another competence, can contribute to the mutual strengthening of other competencies) and levels ( superficial level of intermediate skills, normative value and basic). The author gives a correlation of the concepts of personnel competence and the competence of an organization (an information resource, the carrier of which is personnel, containing experience, knowledge and skills on the organization and management of resources and business processes in an organization to achieve its goals). Examples of the effective use of key competencies from domestic and foreign practice are given.

It is concluded that competencies are directly determined by the capabilities of the organization, which, in turn, must be supported by the resources at the organization’s disposal. At the same time, emphasis should be placed on the ability to organize and work with people, since practically all the activities of the organization depend on it.


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